Get gift ideas with my Gift Helper: Just pick her color theme & go

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How to Pick Her Color Theme

What color does she wear the most?  I have narrowed  your gift ideas down to four different color themes or all the birthstones, from earth tones to bright summer colors. Feel free to use my contact form for any questions.

Have the kids join in

Children are great at picking out presents for Mom! Each category  in my Gift Finder only has about a dozen products, so it will be super easy for your child to pick something out, and with a price range of about $15 - $50, there is sure to be something in your budget.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Feel great for giving a gift she loves. The jewelry comes in a gold box and includes a card, so she can see it was hand crafted by an artist in the US.  If she doesn't like it, I take returns for any reason. Please enjoy my Gift Helper!