Jewelry House Party in areas of CT, MA, and RI

How does it work?

Creative Obsession birthstone color jewelry on displays.

I bring my current selection of handmade jewelry to your house for you and your friends to purchase for easy shopping. I even accept credit cards! 

What's my incentive?

Table display of key chains, anklets, and pendants.

My standard incentive is a flat $15 off just for hosting. Sometimes I run specials on Facebook or I will announce them on this page.

How far do you travel?


Whether it's jewelry in CT, jewelry in MA, or Rhode Island, I have an approximate one hour limit of travel time from my zip code of 06351 (Griswold, CT).  Not sure? Just ask!

What else?

Creative Obsession necklace matching colorful skirt for custom jewelry.

House parties are a great way for you and your friends to order custom jewelry. You can bring the outfit you want to match!

But I don't like sales pressure.


Neither do I! My business is hand crafting jewelry, not selling.  While I would love it if one of your friends decided to have a party of her own, I don't push it. Just relax and have a good time at your party.

How do I book a party?

Creative Obsession Custom Jewelry at your House Party.

Texting a few date options is usually the easiest way. I can do week nights or available weekends. 860-823-7751 is the number. Prefer email? Contact me today!

Local to zip 06351 ?

Want to host, but don't have the space?

If you live in the 15 minute range of Haley Meadow Rd. in Griswold, and can't do the party in your house, co-host the party with me and run it out of my house! Just invite your friends to my address, it's that easy!

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